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Setting: The Spawn setting is one in which Heaven and Hell have waged a war since time immemorial, with Earth the battlefield and human souls the prize to be won. Hell recruits for its army by harvesting marred souls. Those who were most brutal, vicious, and deadly in life become officers--Hellspawn--and are sent back to Earth to master their powers, wreak havoc, and send more recruits to Hell, under the supervision of a Hell-born demon tasked with keeping the Hellspawn focused on Hell's interests.

Brief History: Once upon a time, Al Simmons was a decorated American military officer and covert operative.

Once upon a time, Al Simmons had a beautiful wife, and they loved one another fiercely and absolutely.

Once upon a time, Al Simmons was alive.

Assassinated on a mission and sent to Hell for his murderous occupation, he was returned to Earth as a Hellspawn, in a necroplasmic mockery of his charred corpse. He'd wanted to see his wife once again, and although five years had passed, and she'd remarried, Hell felt it had technically honored its part of the contract--and in the words of the new Hellspawn's handler, he'd "made a fucking deal." Now he struggles to cope with the poisoned, bitter memories of his former life, pulled between the urge to be something better, Hell's demands that he wreak havoc and send it more tainted souls, and his own well-honed, vicious instincts.

Full name (in life): Albert Francis "Al" Simmons
Age: Late 30s
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 400+lbs
Build: Heavily muscular

Voiced by: Keith David
Played in: Nowhere
Playlist: Angsty and Morbid


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